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Blog > May 2013 > How Fast Is My Broadband?

How Fast Is My Broadband?

Does your internet connection seem slow, or do you actually know how fast your broadband is? Well, there are a few checks you can run to find out.

Your broadband speed will be dependant upon a number of factors, namely the distance from your local BT telephone exchange, the quality of cable from the exchange, the sheer number of broadband users at your BT exchange, other telephone devices within your building, your internal telephone wiring, faulty microfilters, throttling at the BT telephone exchange / ISP or any combination of these.

You can check your broadband connection speed literally by logging into your router and noting down the speed, and then comparing the information using the following link: http://www.speedtest.net/

Click "Begin test". Note down the Download and upload speeds. If your suspect that your broadband speed is slower than you would normally expect, you can also try the following : 

Make sure there is a microfilter on every used telephone socket
Ensure your router's firmware is up to date
Take out any telephones connected to the broadband telephone line to see if this helps (including faxes) - Connect your ADSL cable to the BT master socket located behing the current socket If in any doubt, check your results with your ISP who can advise if there is an issue.
Also there are other ways of increasing your bandwidth, by either upgrading your router to a more capable model - or maybe installing an extra line - either for redundancy, or utilising the extra bandwidth by load-balancing the two lines.
Posted: 24/05/2013 11:56:14